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doc ROK becomes 2nd largest overseas tourists source of China
doc China Domestic Travel Mart kicks off in Guilin
doc Guilin  to hold first China int'l photography festival
doc Guilin invests 2 bln yuan on communications construction
doc Famous scenic city attracts increasing tourists
doc Guilin invests 2 bln yuan on communications construction
doc Shanghai chosen most livable city in china Guilin eighth
Li River has been ever named as Gui Water, Gui River and East River in history. It passes through Guilin---the third largest city and the political, economic, transport, cultural and tourist center of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Because of the unique and beautiful natural scenery---Guilin Landscape gestated in this drainage area, Guilin is famous for its beautiful scenery, green mountains, clear water, spectacular caves and pretty rocks and has become a nice place of interest popular both at home and abroad. Li River belongs to the upriver reach of Gui River which is a part of the Pear River water system and originates from the south side of the 1732ms high Laoshan Peak, Yuecheng Mountain Range which is the common boundary of Xing’an and Ziyuan county. The climate there is mild subtropical. Li River has rich natural landscapes. As early as the South Song Dynasty, Guilin has long laid claim to having the most beautiful landscape under heaven. A lot of excellent poems works in modern or ancient appreciated the beauty of this charming river lingered in the south China for its long history and civilization. "Beautiful landscape is mellow and sweet wine that makes visitors drunk, sip and drink it, there comes a poem in heart" is the praise given by numerous visitors. ...
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